From Concept to Creation

Genovese Jewelers is leading the way in the Computer Aided Design (CAD) jewelry revolution. Jewelry that would take other jewelers days to carve by hand with some imperfections are now done with precision in hours with the new 3D design technology available at Genovese Jewelers. Genovese Jewelers is proud to have the most knowledgeable CAD CAM specialists in the entire Midwest. Our vastly experienced jewelry sales specialists will walk you through each step of the process offering you alternatives to fit your budget.

1. Once you have an idea or photo of the jewelry you would like to create, call 314.878.6203 or email a sales specialist at Genovese Jewelers. Your sales specialist will then work with you to create a diagram of the piece.

Stage 1: Concept

2. The CAD CAM specialist will then create a 3D image of the jewelry on the computer.

Stage 2: Design

3. Once the 3D image is approved by you, a wax model is created with the rapid milling machine for you to reviewbefore the final jewelry is created.

Stage 3: 3D Printer

4. Genovese Jewelers will then finish the piece with the stones and metal of your selection.

Stage 4: Setting

5. Finally, you will have a gorgeous custom made piece of jewelry in a fraction of the amount of time that it wouldtake most jewelers to create the same thing and at a fraction of the price.

Stage 5: Final Product

6. Genovese Jewelers has both the technology and craftsmanship to create exceptional one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Call 314.878.6203 or email a sales specialist with any questions.